Welcome to Eats & Streets, sit wherever you’d like and stay awhile.


I’m Melanie, and I’m currently eating my way through Milwaukee, WI.

My food journey and love for travel sprouted while living in Atlanta, GA. Most people know Atlanta for it’s rappers, peaches, and hellish travel, but the foodie metropolis opened my eyes to an array of culinary cuisines and diverse people. I also fully appreciated the fact that you can fly almost any where direct via Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport (cha-ching!).

I started East & Streets to document my food and overall adventures in Milwaukee and during my travels. Midwest born but raised in the South, I recently moved back to the North after having lived in Nashville & Atlanta, and there’s no better way to acclimate to a new environment than diving in face (or mouth) first into the food scene.

I like to live well, travel often, and I never forget to eat. I am a proud dog mom. I believe arts & crafts are good for the soul, and that one can never have too much champagne.

Thank you so much for reading – cheers!